Our Partners

KRAFT & WERK is a certified HubSpot partner.
HubSpot is the world leading company in Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. It delivers “all-in-one” software for marketing automation, which enables us to manage our marketing and sales activities, integrate them, monitor their performance and optimize them. All in order to increase ROI.


KRAFT & WERK is Google partner with Partner badge.
Our digital campaigns are based on good and successful Google advertising practices. With the proven and demonstrated expertise in AdWords, we have earned the status, badge and the advantages of the Google Partner. This certificate proves our advanced understanding and usage of AdWords platform, achieving measurable and high results in advertising.

As a member of the ICOM, Kraft&Werk offers you access to both global markets and information.
The largest international network of independent, owner-managed communications agencies, ICOM, with over 90 agencies and more than 3,500 professionals has a presence in all the relevant markets of the world.

Our ICOM membership enables us to pull in international resources for every task we have to tackle.